Spurring Cybersecurity Awareness and Education in Central Oregon

Summit Speakers

We’re all in this cybersecurity thing together. As we actively take part in the statewide Cyber Oregon initiative and push forward on our mission to build tangible solutions to protect the digital lives of all Oregonians, we are reminded that it takes the entire state to make that happen. Cybersecurity is often at the center…

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Cyber Oregon in action boosting cybersecurity awareness

KOIN 6 screen capture

A big part of Cyber Oregon’s mission is to encourage collaboration among cybersecurity experts and to drive cybersecurity awareness across the state. The good news? We’re already making progress. The most recent example of how this comes together – often on a moment’s notice –  is the news segment that aired on KOIN about the…

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How the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council Works

Cyber signing

Cybersecurity is complicated. Threats are advancing and evolving, and more and more personal data is going digital—two factors that make Oregonians (as well as everyone else across the country) exceptionally vulnerable to cybercrime. Negotiating the cyber landscape to protect Oregonians and their data is a job for the experts. That’s why the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory…

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