News Roundup: The security world according to Black Hat

Since 2015, Black Hat has conducted an annual survey on the current state of cybersecurity. To no one’s surprise, security professionals are concerned, as in very concerned. They are not just concerned about data breaches like Experian, Target or Russians meddling in U.S. elections, but also a myriad of other cybersecurity issues. More than 315…

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News Roundup: Employees heal thyself

As if we don’t have enough cybersecurity issues to deal with on a daily basis, a recent study by OpenVPN, titled “Cyber Hygiene Study 2018, notes that nearly 25 percent of employees reuse the same password for all of their accounts. According to Security Intelligence, “81 percent of employees who reuse the same credentials don’t bother to…

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News Roundup: My kingdom for cyber insurance

cyber insurance

Much of the coverage about cyberattacks has tended to focus on the impact of data breaches on individuals. But it’s important to note that these attacks end up costing companies a pretty penny as well. According to the latest data from Kaspersky, the average cyber incident cost enterprises $1.23 million, a 24 percent increase over…

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News Roundup: Will U.S. elections be secure?

Even though the midterm elections are less than six months away an overwhelming 95 percent of digital security experts surveyed by The Cybersecurity 202 say state election systems are not sufficiently protected against cyberthreats. Does that scare you? To think that the integrity of one of the most important and basic rights of every American…

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