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Cyber News Roundup: Formjacking – The Latest Hack and How to Fight Back

What’s the latest hack to steal credit card information and personal data from consumers? Formjacking. Formjacking is the latest hacking technique that cyber criminals are using by inserting a small piece of malicious code—malware—on a victim’s system that allows them to snatch customers’ credit card information, reports Alyssa Newcomb, in Forget Phishing and Ransomware. Formjacking…

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The Big Hack: What are the Implications for Oregonians?

The world of cybersecurity is full of unexpected surprises and attacks that are amazingly inventive and amazingly nefarious all at the same time. We’re talking of course about what’s being called the Big Hack. In an explosive report, Bloomberg is claiming that the Chinese military used a tiny chip implanted on server motherboards to infiltrate…

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Cyber News Roundup: A Geneva Convention for Cybersecurity

While cybersecurity continues to dominate the news, there is growing concern about the rise of government cyberwarfare. Rogue nations like North Korea and Russia have captured headlines for their role in major cybersecurity attacks, but the question becomes what can anyone, or any company or government, do to protect themselves? One thing is clear and…

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