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News Roundup: Crypto-mining malware expands its reach

Concerns about crypto-mining and the role of malware continues to grow. As noted in a recent Alien Vault blog post authored by David Bisson, “Crypto-mining isn’t itself malicious in nature. But bad actors are abusing it for nefarious purposes. They’re doing so by illegally accessing important business assets such as servers used for electronic medical…

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Phishing is Your Company’s #1 Security Threat, Risking Information, Customer Data

Despite your company’s best security efforts, your employees are still your weakest security link. Don’t blame them. Test them, then educate them with training. At Hueya, we are focused on securing the human and reducing risk. Because humans are also employees, we keep businesses protected with threat simulators, such as Hueya’s PhishOn phishing and social…

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Spurring Cybersecurity Awareness and Education in Central Oregon

Summit Speakers

We’re all in this cybersecurity thing together. As we actively take part in the statewide Cyber Oregon initiative and push forward on our mission to build tangible solutions to protect the digital lives of all Oregonians, we are reminded that it takes the entire state to make that happen. Cybersecurity is often at the center…

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