Helping Teens Find Their Career Path in Technology

One of my early jobs was working at an ice cream company, where I was surrounded by mint chocolate chip and strawberry ice cream by the gallons. I did invoicing and billing, back when everything was done using pen, paper and calculators. A special delivery to our company forever changed my life—it was an IBM…

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News Roundup: Employees heal thyself

As if we don’t have enough cybersecurity issues to deal with on a daily basis, a recent study by OpenVPN, titled “Cyber Hygiene Study 2018, notes that nearly 25 percent of employees reuse the same password for all of their accounts. According to Security Intelligence, “81 percent of employees who reuse the same credentials don’t bother to…

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News Roundup: My kingdom for cyber insurance

Much of the coverage about cyberattacks has tended to focus on the impact of data breaches on individuals. But it’s important to note that these attacks end up costing companies a pretty penny as well. According to the latest data from Kaspersky, the average cyber incident cost enterprises $1.23 million, a 24 percent increase over…


News Roundup: Investors take stock in the cybersecurity industry

While the proliferation of cyberthreats and ransomware has caused concern for people and governments alike, it’s been a boon for cybersecurity companies. According to Investor’s Business Daily, shares of security vendors Palo Alto Networks are up 45 percent year to date, Fortinet is up 39 percent and Proofpoint has gained 35 percent. Why have these…


News Roundup: Will U.S. elections be secure?

Even though the midterm elections are less than six months away an overwhelming 95 percent of digital security experts surveyed by The Cybersecurity 202 say state election systems are not sufficiently protected against cyberthreats. Does that scare you? To think that the integrity of one of the most important and basic rights of every American…

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CyberSecurity 2028: By Default, By Design

In her keynote at the RSA Conference this year, futurist and game designer Jane McGonigal said: any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous. In the post-RSAC recovery period, I pondered the future trends in information security and built my own ridiculous statement regarding the future of information security: In the future,…

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Cyber Oregon training programs work to fill skills gap for small business

One of the consistent themes you’ll find here on the Cyber Oregon blog concerns the critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Among the hardest hit are small businesses that lack the resources of large corporations to attract trained cyber professionals. Fortunately, help is on the way. As detailed in a column in the Portland Business…

Zander Work is a freshman at Oregon State University majoring in computer science and is a co-founder of NW Cyber Camp, which will be coming to five locations across Oregon July 16-20, 2018.

NW Cyber Camp is Helping Train Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Experts

Cyber attacks, hacking, spear phishing—we hear about the latest cyber threats to our data on a daily basis. Certainly, the cybersecurity field has no shortage of “excitement,” but it does have a shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals. Right now, Oregon has more than 3,000 unfilled openings for cybersecurity jobs. We need to collectively start training…

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6 Ways for Small Businesses to Improve Their Security, with Little Security Expertise

There is a children’s book, “Inside, Outside, Upside Down” featuring The Berenstain Bears, that teaches young children about spatial concepts. When it comes to securing your organization’s data, it may feel like you need to cover all of the spaces: inside, outside, and even upside down. It’s no wonder, since security risks exist everywhere: inside…


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