Cyber Oregon in action boosting cybersecurity awareness

A big part of Cyber Oregon’s mission is to encourage collaboration among cybersecurity experts and to drive cybersecurity awareness across the state. The good news? We’re already making progress.

The most recent example of how this comes together – often on a moment’s notice –  is the news segment that aired on KOIN about the recently reported hacking at Uber. Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council leaders Andrew Plato of Anitian and Kerri Fry of Redhawk Network Security, LLC rallied to respond to a request from McKenzie Worldwide, Cyber Oregon’s public relations agency, to do an on-camera interview.

As you can see in the video of the news story below, Andrew and Kerri did a great job talking about the importance of having strong cybersecurity policies as a sharp contrast to what apparently has been going on at Uber. KOIN 6’s Andrew Dymburt developed an excellent story, and we appreciate him mentioning our new website.