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Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council Drives Mission to Improve Digital Security for all Oregonians

The Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council (OCAC) has been busy. If I had to put one word on the past 18 months, I would say, “relationships.” From our initial meeting in September of 2017 though today, the OCAC has met with cybersecurity companies, industry experts, higher education institutions, and high school students interested in cybersecurity. Our…

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Firmware Needs to Be Part of Your Incident Response Playbook

Security operations and incident response is typically where an organization’s best cybersecurity intentions meet hard realities. Teams have limited time and talent to deal with an overwhelming number of alerts, and the complexity of modern threats means each one can require significant attention. Incident Response (IR) teams need to be right and they need to…

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12 Ways to Get a Handle on Secrets Management

Organizations in all industries have secrets that need to be protected. The modern identity landscape is filled with secrets — passwords, encryption keys, cryptocurrency wallets, SQL connection strings, storage account keys, API tokens — yet organizations are challenged with storing, managing, and protecting them. Let’s define “secrets” as some knowledge or a piece of data…

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