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Cyber Security Solutions that match your Small Business Environment

In collaboration with the Small Business Development Center at Mt. Hood Community College, the Oregon Center for Cyber Excellence, and the Technology Association of Oregon members small businesses can complete a no-cost assessment tool that will target potential threats within your small business security platform and make recommendations to make your small business secure.

There is an inherent myth among many small businesses that there is no significant threat imposed because the business is small. Nothing is further from the trust as cyber attacks are a real and present danger to every small business that is operating and doing business connected to the Internet. Cyber criminals and hackers are solely interested in gaining access to sensitive information  and data and really have no bias on the business being a one person operation or a 500 person operation.

The first step to obtaining advising and support is to complete the free assessment tool. The assessment tool assesses your current small businesses security position, capability for incident responses, and critical cyber gaps that need to be addressed. After completing the assessment tool a report is generated that will recommend customized next steps for your business to consider.

The Cyber Assessment Tool helps achieve the following objectives for your small business:

  • A thorough understanding of your current small business processes and how it may influence your cyber security risk.
  • Cyber assessment threat report that is easy to read and provides a list of critical gaps as well as unique strategies to address your business. This may include tailored advising, education courses, specific resources recommendations or referral to a reputable security provider.
  • Align with a cyber security student professional that can help review your security policies, procedures and technology and provide direct input on next steps.

It is Not If, it is When Will You be Attacked!

Whether you’re industry is medical, retail, home-based, services, manufacturing, energy, utility or consulting the reality is you are a target. No one receives immunity to a cyber attack. If you’re on the internet you’re already could be a potential target. The key is to get the information and be proactive so that you are prepared when an attack occurs within your business.

Our Small Business Cyber Center can assist with the following support through education, advising, resources, or referrals.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Policy Review
  • Cyber Security Action Plan
  • and more…..



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