Cyber News Roundup: What to Expect at Black Hat and DEF CON

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | August 2, 2019

Your phone is leaking your personally identifiable information (PII). Learn how to break modern encryption and hack into a car. Explore ways to hack physical security, including disabling alarm systems and cameras. Hear lessons learned from running a national penetration…

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Oregon Cybersecurity Leader Charlie Kawasaki Featured on KGW

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | July 14, 2019

While many people understand the need to build a larger cybersecurity workforce with trained cybersecurity experts, it takes dedicated cybersecurity leaders to push this initiative forward. One standout in this effort is Charlie Kawasaki, vice chair of the Oregon Cybersecurity…

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Cyber News Roundup: Cybersecurity is the Biggest Threat to the Global Economy

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | July 12, 2019

“CEOs see cybersecurity as the number one threat to the global economy over the next five to 10 years,” according to the latest EY report, the 2019 CEO Imperative Study, that surveyed global CEOs among Forbes Global 2000 and Forbes…

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Training Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Experts is Top Priority

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | June 17, 2019

Developing a strong workforce of skilled cybersecurity professionals is a top priority for the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council (OCAC) to help protect the digital lives of all Oregonians. NW Cyber Camp, a hands-on immersive cybersecurity summer camp co-founded four years…

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Cyber News Roundup: Foreign VPNs and Botnets…the Latest Threats

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | June 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is your weekly cyber news roundup with the latest cybersecurity news and tips from the Cyber Oregon team to help you and your organization stay safe online and protect your digital assets. We examine cybersecurity news and…

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Wi-Fi Passwords Hacked at Local Coffee Shop; Cybersecurity Expert Offers Tips

By Cyber Oregon | May 23, 2019

Seventy percent of hacking incidents occur when users connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks such as restaurants, airports, and coffee shops, according to Norton’s Wi-Fi Risk Report. While a free Wi-Fi connection in a public space seems fine for users on…

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Cyber News Roundup: Five Billion Cybersecurity Threats a Month, WhatsApp, Windows Hack, Intel Vulnerabilities

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | May 17, 2019

Is it possible for hackers to remotely hack into your mobile phone and steal your personal information just by calling your phone number? Unfortunately, the answer to that alarming question is yes for the 1.5 billion users who use the…

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Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council Drives Mission to Improve Digital Security for all Oregonians

By Kerri Fry, IGNW | May 7, 2019

The Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council (OCAC) has been busy. If I had to put one word on the past 18 months, I would say, “relationships.” From our initial meeting in September of 2017 though today, the OCAC has met with…

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Cyber News Roundup: Power, Passwords, PII…What Trips Us Up in Cybersecurity

By Kelly Stremel, News Editor | May 3, 2019

One of the biggest concerns for the energy sector is a grand scale cyberattack shutting down our power grids and our cities. Power networks, considered critical infrastructure by the U.S. Government, have long been a target for hackers, but successful…

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