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Bend cybersecurity company: Education is the key to protection

By Skip Newberry, Technology Association of Oregon | November 13, 2017

In today’s business world, companies and organizations throughout the world are operating in an environment of ongoing security threats, data breaches, malware, ransomware and the litany of other potential risks. This all makes cybersecurity an intense focus of discussion for…

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Trump administration releases rules on disclosing cyber flaws

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | November 11, 2017

The Trump administration publicly released on Wednesday its rules for deciding whether to disclose cyber security flaws or keep them secret, in an effort to bring more transparency to a process that has long been cloaked in mystery. The move…

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Safe at Home: Philosophy student teams with computer programmers to investigate privacy protections

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | November 11, 2017

Philosophy student teams with computer programmers to investigate privacy protections Tweet about this on TwitterTwitterShare on FacebookFacebookEmail this to someoneForward If the hype is to be believed, today’s smart home is your best friend. The TV, refrigerator, thermostat, lights and…

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Nonprofit Cybersecurity: Why Pay Attention?

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | November 7, 2017

When performing a risk assessment, many organizations focus on issues such as loss of funding and reputational damage. Yet nonprofit data breaches, which can cause just as much harm, largely get overlooked. Nonprofits collect sensitive data, which can include donor…

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Equifax Security Breach Info

By Cyber Oregon | October 31, 2017

What You Need to Know About the Equifax Data Breach By Gary Davis on Sep 08, 2017 (used with permission from McAffee) Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus in the country, said on Thursday it suffered a major breach…

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The 4 Steps Your Organization Can Take to Boost Cybersecurity

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | October 27, 2017

Practice basic cyber hygiene, hire independent experts to improve effectiveness, think about future trends and invest in IT security talent to stay secure. Marcia Wade Talbert is senior editor of EdTech: Focus on K-12. She is passionate about promoting STEM…

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Assessing Risk: How to Protect Your Most Valuable Data

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | October 21, 2017

Many nonprofits are nervous about their information security, and understandably so. Even large and well-financed organizations, such as the NSA, The White House, Target, Chase Bank, Home Depot, and Sony, have all been hacked. And if they can’t protect their data,…

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