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Cyber News Roundup: Consumer service flaws and breaches hit Siri, MyFitnessPal app

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | March 30, 2018

The notion that cybersecurity should concern all Oregon residents has come into full view of late with news of significant flaws and data breaches impacting popular consumer services. Most recently, athletic wear company Under Armor disclosed that data tied to…

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Cybersecurity experts are in-demand, but shortage in talent gap is growing exponentially

By Charlie Kawasaki, PacStar | March 19, 2018

Cyber attacks. Hacking. Ransomware. Spear phishing. Cryptojacking. The cybersecurity field has no shortage of “excitement.” With the increase in cyber attacks and data breaches across the country, cybersecurity continues to be one of today’s hottest technology career paths. According to…

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Cyber News Roundup: Carbon Black taps Hillsboro’s cybersecurity talent

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | March 13, 2018

The lead item for this week’s news round up is the announcement that endpoint security firm Carbon Black has opened a research outpost in Hillsboro, Ore. The office will serve as a center for research and development, with a focus…

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The Top Four Security Vulnerabilities You Might Be Overlooking

By Tyler Hardison, Redhawk | March 1, 2018

Daily news headlines scream high-profile information security failures and consequences—Hacked! Attacked! Ransomware!—reinforcing that the severity of risk posed to sensitive information is unprecedented. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats can put your organization and your customers’ sensitive information at risk, costing you…

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Cyber News Roundup: Crypto-mining malware expands its reach

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | February 27, 2018

Concerns about crypto-mining and the role of malware continues to grow. As noted in a recent Alien Vault blog post authored by David Bisson, “Crypto-mining isn’t itself malicious in nature. But bad actors are abusing it for nefarious purposes. They’re…

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Portland Business Journal Publishes Oregon Cybersecurity Experts’ 2018 Predictions

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | February 14, 2018

Skip Newberry, president of the Technology Association of Oregon and member of the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council (OCAC), wrote a column for the Portland Business Journal this week which shared his conversations with several leading cybersecurity experts in Oregon about…

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Experts Outline Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

By Brian Edwards, News Editor | January 29, 2018

With the massive data breaches of 2017 in the rearview mirror, what cybersecurity headlines and developments can Oregonians expect in 2018? Building on the launch of Cyber Oregon in November, top cybersecurity experts and members of the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory…

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How Cybersecurity Paves the Way for Sustainable Revenue Growth

By Kerri Fry, IGNW | January 23, 2018

Information is power. It is also a source of profit, whether it’s customer data, intellectual property or financial information. Protecting this revenue stream should be priority one for the C-suite. And it is – for the CSO, CISO, CIO or…

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Phishing is Your Company’s #1 Security Threat, Risking Information, Customer Data

By Lewis Howell, Hueya Inc. | January 17, 2018

Despite your company’s best security efforts, your employees are still your weakest security link. Don’t blame them. Test them, then educate them with training. At Hueya, we are focused on securing the human and reducing risk. Because humans are also…

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