Cyber News Roundup: Facebook continues to take a beating

Facebook has had a very difficult few weeks. First it was the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and now it’s an admission from CEO Mark Zuckerberg that “malicious actors” have probably gotten access to personal data from the Facebook’s 2.2 billion members. Worse is the admission that the company wasn’t able to identify the problem until the…

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Oregon cybersecurity event lands in Eugene on April 23

University of Oregon will be hosting leading cybersecurity experts from the Department of Homeland Security, academia, private industry, the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council and Cyber Oregon who will discuss trends, challenges and opportunities impacting computer security on national and state levels during the 2018 Oregon Cybersecurity Day, on Monday, April 23, at the Ford Alumni…

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Stay safer online with two-factor authentication


In a well-intentioned effort to help us stay safer online, most online sites and services that involve a login to protect sensitive or personal data and information are now encouraging or even insisting on the use of complex passwords involving various combinations of upper- and lower-case letters, punctuation and like. Most people are happy to…

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On the road to PCI compliance…are we there yet?


PCI Compliance is a journey, not a destination. While I am not the first to say this, I will reiterate that compliance is an ongoing, multi-step process. It’s not boxes to check off, “check it off and forget it,” but milepost markers along the way to ensure that compliance is consistent, such as ensuring that…

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